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Case Study:

At radianHub, our work goes beyond just elevating Salesforce investments for companies and nonprofits across the country. Helping those who are making positive changes in the communities they serve is what truly drives us and pushes us for success. 

For over 100 years, BRIDGES has provided students in grades 6-12 throughout the Greater Memphis area with an opportunity to find their voice through unique experiential learning activities that are adventurous, relational and transformative.

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These activities empower the youth in the area to reach across racial and socioeconomic divides, engage in local civic affairs and prepare for secondary educational opportunities and careers. 

After struggling with other Salesforce developers for years and scrambling to create a plan for a big staff transition, BRIDGES was desperate to find a trusted partner to redesign their student application and streamline their communication processes. To help them navigate their busy summer and keep the organization running smoothly, a Salesforce representative connected them with us to step in and help. 


The Solution:

We helped BRIDGES by redesigning their entire application process. Our custom application build through Salesforce Experience allows staff members to easily make changes and students to apply without any trouble — all while being mobile-friendly and more engaging. Now, BRIDGES staff members can easily mark accepted applications, automate the application process and easily pull application reports. Once the application rebuild was complete, we helped create easier event sign-ups, parent communication, global action buttons, waiver form fills, meeting invites and more.  


The Results:

  • BRIDGES has been able to accept more applications and get even more students to apply thanks to a simple, mobile-friendly application process. 

  • Staff members can easily communicate with parents at a moment’s notice. 

  • Staff members are able to control and change different aspects of the BRIDGES site without needing extra technical support. 

  • Students have mentioned how much they enjoy the easy-to-use applications and online systems. 

With radianHub on their side, BRIDGES was able to maximize their Salesforce investment for the first time in 10 years and improve the way they communicate with students and parents. Having better systems in place helped the organization navigate through a major staff transition and a busy summer of student events and activities. 

After struggling with other developers in the past and being let down by those who promised they could help, our efficiency, support and follow-through was much appreciated and has allowed us to build a strong relationship. 

Overall, our partnership with BRIDGES has been a success. BRIDGES is continuing to work with us on even more projects — including an application for AmeriCorps students, system cleanups, and a new portal launch — to further their reach and improve their internal. It has been incredibly rewarding to support an organization that is positively shaping the next generation of leaders. 

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