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Case Study:

radianHub partnered with Enrollstream to help maximize their Salesforce investment and provide more bandwidth for their operations. Enrollstream’s suite of Student Relationship Management (SRM) products helps Charter schools connect with students, get students enrolled, and improve graduation rates.  



The Problem:

Enrollstream needed to address issues related to scaling, customer support, and system optimization. This required a thorough understanding of the full capabilities of Salesforce to identify and address these challenges effectively. 


The Solution:

Enrollstream benefits from the technological expertise and agile

approach to product development provided by  radianHub, allowing

them to free up time to focus on other important tasks. With the inclusion of reasonable and aggressive time frames, Enrollstream can now navigate their 
dynamic landscape and shift direction to stay ahead of the competition.


The Results:

  • Customer satisfaction increased because of the partnership with radianHub. 

  • Enrollstream was able to bring new features to market more quickly thanks to radianHub's expertise and agile approach to product development. 

  • The partnership led to improved delivery discipline, ensuring that Enrollstream could meet deadlines and deliver high-quality products and services. 

  • Enrollstream was able to navigate the rapidly changing technology landscape with greater ease. 

  • The partnership allowed Enrollstream to stay competitive and maintain its position as a leader in the education technology space. 

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