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Case Study:
Lorain County Community Action Agency

At radianHub, elevating Salesforce investments for companies and nonprofits is at the core of what we do. However, it’s the people who make up our radianHub family that make the difference and truly drive our success. 

The Lorain County Community Action Agency (LCCAA) serves and empowers Lorain County residents in poverty through various assistance programs. Their work gives individuals the opportunity to improve their quality life and their self-sufficiency, ultimately empowering them while also reducing the causes and conditions of poverty. 

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, LCCAA had been grappling with changes to the way Ohio processed applications for assistance programs. When they switched towards Salesforce, LCCAA wanted to build their own Salesforce ecosystem that aligned with it. To efficiently redesign their processes, their Salesforce representative connected them with us to get the job done. 


With radianHub on their side, LCCAA was able to make the most out of their Salesforce investment and completely transform the way they deliver services to their clients. Having better systems in place has allowed the agency to create a better client experience and serve even more community members in need.  

Our team’s “can do” attitude, willingness to listen, and ability to execute has allowed LCCAA to enjoy plenty of success. The LCCAA staff morale has drastically improved because they can easily see and be reminded of the impactful work they’re doing through their employee dashboard, and Lorain County community members have been able to take advantage of the unique ways LCCAA now offers services.  

Overall, our partnership with LCCAA was an incredible success. In fact, LCCAA was so pleased with us that they’re working with us again to improve their HR system and processes. It’s always an honor to help businesses scale up and stay agile so they can stay efficient and on top. 


The Problem:

Before LCCAA started working with us, their processes were inefficient.


Clients who came to LCCAA for help complained about their inability to schedule appointments, delayed processing due to incomplete documentation, inconsistent messaging with advocates, and undeterminable processing times.


These problems did not allow LCCAA to live out their goals of offering more benefits for their clients and creating a better client and advocate experience. 


The Solution:

We created a cloud-based solution that brought LCCAA’s appointment scheduling system in-house and fully integrated the scheduling system with their appointment processing and created system-guided scripts for advocates to make phone appointments and application processing highly efficient. 

Our team also integrated the new system with LCCAA’s 8x8 phone system for improved call handling and logging of customer requests, allowing the agency to track both inbound and outbound calls with each call associated with the assigned client. To improve goal setting and realistic accountability measures, we designed a dashboard that displays productivity measures and helps the agency motivate and evaluate its advocates. 


The Results:

  • LCCAA saves $12,000/year, which covers the cost of their Salesforce system. 

  • LCCAA was able to serve 455 households in 2021, granting a total of $83,974.10. 

  • LCCAA can now hire remote workers to ensure they have enough advocates for their county. 

  • LCCAA was able to serve 205 households in 2020, which was 27 more than they served in 2019. 

  • LCCAA experienced an increase of funding requests by $27,396.13. 

  • LCCAA now has safer services for those who prefer to talk to advocates remotely, as well as in-person options for seniors 60 and older. 

  • LCCAA had their best numbers ever in the summer of 2022, providing over $100,000 in aid in just one month. 

  • LCCAA now has access to real-time client status updates. 

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