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Case Study:
Black Contractors Network 

At radianHub, our work goes beyond strengthening Salesforce investments for companies and nonprofits across the country. Helping those who are making a difference in the communities they serve is what truly drives us and pushes us to success. 

Meeting the diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) standards has been a challenge for many small business owners, schools, construction companies and more within the greater Chicago area. Finding minority contractors is difficult, especially for businesses without a vast network or connections within the city.


Without a database that includes all minority contractors and their specialties, many businesses were coming up empty-handed, and thus not meeting the DEI standards. While the Black Contractors Network (BCN) had collected this necessary data, it was not easily distributed to the businesses who needed it. 

After spending years collecting and compiling data from each of the minority contractors in Chicago and their respective specialties, BCN knew that there had to be a way to share this database widely to all who need it. To digitalize this database and create a system for businesses to explore the minority contractors easily and efficiently, our team got to work and created a solution for a decade-long problem. 


The Solution:

We stepped in to help DCN both digitalize their database and streamline the searching process. With a comprehensive list of Black contractors in the Chicago area, it is a lot easier for businesses to find these individuals and bring them onboard. We also designed a touchpoint process for those who are searching for a specific contractor. If these entities still come up empty-handed, our solution allows DCN to see how extensive search efforts were and determine if they made a “good faith” effort.  This component, in addition to the online database, helps businesses all over Chicago find the minority contractors they need. 


The Results:

  • BCN can now successfully share their valuable data with the community. 

  • DEI efforts can be measured and evaluated in a streamlined way. 

  • Businesses can search contractors by niche and specialty with ease. 

  • Black contractors in the Chicago area are finally getting the visibility they deserve! 

With radianHub’s technology on their side, BCN is finally able to boost Black and other minority contractors onto the radar of businesses, schools and organizations. This online database is both comprehensive and organized, helping businesses to easily navigate the information and find exactly who they’re looking for.  

After years of data collection and networking, BCN is thrilled to get this information out and into the community. We are equally excited about using our technology and systems to help the diversity, equity and inclusion of the community and its workforce. 

Our partnership with BCN has been an incredible success. Transforming the “Little Black Book” into a comprehensive database designed to help others in the Chicago community has been a rewarding experience. Supporting organizations that aid their communities with vital information and systems is what our radianHub team is passionate about. 

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