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Case Study:
Family & Children's Service of Nashville, TN

At radianHub, elevating Salesforce investments for companies and nonprofits is at the core of what we do. However, it’s the people who make up our radianHub family that make the difference and truly drive our success. 

Family & Children's Service of Nashville, TN (F&CS) serves community members in crisis and transition through a wide range of services and programs. Their mission of meeting people where they are, understanding their needs and connecting them to the resources they need allows them to 'fill in the gaps' in social services and create a safety net that ensures all Tennessean families can be safe and healthy.

After a rapid period of internal growth, F&CS was feeling the growing pains of not having a tobust system that was able to keep up with their demands. The lack of performance management and efficient reporting was not allowing F&CS's staff to do their best work for the people of Tennessee. A thorough technical audit of their systems recommended Salesforce to solve their problems, which then connected them with us.


With radianHub on their side, F&CS was able to make the most out of their Salesforce investment and completely transform the way they handle data management. Having a better system in place has allowed the organization to focus attention on the quality of their services and serve even more Tennessean families in need. 

Our team’s collaborative and down-to-earth attitude has allowed F&CS to enjoy plenty of success. The morale of F&CS’s staff has drastically improved because the burden of data management is no longer on their shoulders, and Supervisors are able to focus on staff development and services. In fact, F&CS has asked for our help on three more major projects: an HR management system, a customized LMS for staff training and migrating their other social programs into Salesforce. 


Overall, our partnership with F&CS was incredibly successful. We look forward to continuing our work with them, supporting their mission and helping improve the rest of their services so they can continue to scale and serve their people. 


The Problem:

Before F&CS started working with us, their processes were inefficient. Staff members at F&CS were hand-counting data and relaying on Excel for reporting. Not only were staff members losing countless hours to data management, they never trusted their system to reflect accurate numbers. These roadblocks did not allow F&CS to live out their mission of connecting individuals and families to hope, to healing and to one another.


The Solution:

We implemented a more sophisticated and cloud-based data management system specifically for F&CS's counseling services that better tracks mental health data and records for reporting and performance management purposes. This system also allows F&CS staff members to look at predictive data to project outcomes, identify trends that impact their work and bette tailor their services to the demographics they tend to serve the most.


The Results:

  • F&CS grew from a staff of 50 to a staff of 200 in one year

  • F7CS serves over 50,000 Tennesseans every year

  • F&CS has drastically increased staff capacity

  • F&CS has been able to take the data management burden off staff so they can focus on serving the community

  • F&CS's supervisors have been able to focus on the quality of programs provided

  • F&CS went from working with radianHub on 1 project to 4

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