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Discovery Workshop with radianHub

radianHub acts as a valuable addition to your team, whether it's for a single project or occasional assistance. We are committed to your success in every interaction, and we strive to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes and tools. Outcomes matter!   

Let’s DISCOVER what your Salesforce or data integration vision looks like and design a strategy to make it happen! 

What is a Discovery Workshop?

We’ll identify business objectives, define project scope, discuss industry best practices and explore potential solutions through ideation, user research, and prototyping. 

Discovery Workshop Deliverables

From art of the possible to a fully budgeted project that is ready to go, as a deliverable from the Discovery Workshop, radianHub will create a complimentary Report of Findings (ROF), including scope, timeline, cost and future considerations roadmap.  This document is commonly used to accelerate your project, for funding and budgetary purposes, or to socialize in the boardroom. 


Ready to DISCOVER What Comes Next?
Explore how our approach can assist you in optimizing your Salesforce platform and digital integrations. 


During the SCOPE phase of a discovery workshop, the emphasis is on defining your project's goals, requirements, and constraints. This clarity obtained in the SCOPE phase sets the foundation for the TIMELINE phase.  


During the COST phase of a discovery workshop, the primary focus is on analyzing and estimating the financial resources required to execute the project. The insights and considerations generated in the COST phase provide valuable inputs for the FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS ROADMAP phase. 


During the TIMELINE phase of a discovery workshop, the focus is on creating a detailed plan that outlines the sequence of activities, milestones, and estimated durations for each stage of your project. The outcomes of the TIMELINE phase provide a solid foundation for the subsequent COST phase. 

Future Considerations Roadmap

During the FUTURE CONSIDERATIONS ROADMAP phase of the discovery workshop, we delve into the exciting prospects that lie ahead for your business. By envisioning and strategizing for the future, we ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve, fostering long-term success. 

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